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Antique Cane Hat & Hall Stands

Art Antiques Antlers has a selection of antique cane hat and hall stands.

We presently have two ancient Chinese pieces. There is a corner cane piece with four cane swirls for hat hooks with ample room to hang good quality hats that will be well supported or well hung. There is a shelf for a plant or pot with a cupboard and drawer underneath. This piece is in very good condition. This piece could be used for outdoor use but think it is more suitable for indoor use.

The second Chinese piece is not a corner unit and is more like a hall stand. It has cane hooks on either side with a decorative centre piece and a shelf with a lower shelf at the base. There is room for umbrellas to sit if wet or dripping. A classic piece of outdoor furniture. This piece has been worn from outdoor use and is very characteristic of its purpose. It could be used in or outside.