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Antique Sideboards at Art Antiques Antlers

At Art Antiques Antlers we have a range of authentic sideboards made from Queensland Maple, Silky Oak, Walnut Bur and Mahogany.

They are all sensational statement pieces and are well constructed and in good condition.

The Queensland Maple piece has a circular beveled mirror with timber decorative carvings and a side cupboard with drawers on the other side.

The Silky Oak Sideboard has an oval beveled mirror with cupboard door on left hand side and drawers on the right hand side. All components are authentic.

The mahogany piece is stunning and lustrous and would suit a modern or older style home. This elaborate piece is from Victorian Era and has hidden filing cabinet inside cupboard which could be used as wine rack. It has a small cupboard on either side of a large mahogany top piece with a stylish backboard that is optional to use depending on your desired outcome.

There is also a local Antique Milk Bar that is presently used as Art Antiques Antlers shop counter that has glass inserts to enable displays to be viewed. Light fittings are included to highlight displays. Previous to this, the counter was used at a local jewellery shop.

We also have a sensational Walnut Bur Side Board with a quality Marble Top. The timber carving and engraving on this piece is exquisite. There is a large beveled mirror with side shelves and lots of decoration. There are four cupboards below with ample storage space.