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Art Antiques Antlers: About Ellen, Philosophy, Design Consultation Service and Credentials

About Ellen, Philosophy, Design Consultation and Credentials 
About Ellen:
Ellen is a passionate designer who enjoys up-cycling furniture and decorator items from recycled materials.
As a child she fossicked at demolition yards with her father.  She learnt how to sew on a Singer Treadle Sewing Machine because her mother wouldn’t let her use the electric one. The treadle didn’t have zigzag stitch so she made up a zig zag stitch by moving the fabric at the needle point every turn. At primary school Ellen won the Hans Christen Anderson Fairy Tale, Art Competition for a painting of ‘The Little Match Girl’.
When she left school, she deferred Fashion Design and became an Art Teacher. She taught mostly Home Economics due to the pattern styling component. Ellen remarks, “I love pattern styling but it is becoming a lost art nowadays.” Throughout her teaching career, Ellen has been Head of Department, Guidance Officer, Deputy Principal, Principal, Head of Special Education, University Lecturer and Tutor.
Ellen embarked on her dream, Art Antiques Antlers, when her children left the nest. She goes on to say, “When the grandchildren arrive, they will be brought up living with antiques just like their parents. Antiques are very hardy and can sustain the love and exploration of young families.”
Ellen also adds, “I hope to teach my clients how to love and embark on their own person style and enjoy the things they love in their home. I believe that following trends and fashion is not always reflective of individual tastes. Art Antiques Antlers products are rare and hard to find and are to be treasured by clients who love them.”
Design Consultation Service:
Art Antiques Antlers offers a design consultation service and will assist clients to ‘make antiques fit’ in a modern home and to compliment what they already have. Our goal is to assist people who are wanting to live a sustainable life to be more appreciative of antiques.
These gorgeous products are available for wedding hire.
This post was written by the team.
Dip. Teach. Art & Design, Home Economics
B.Ed. Art & Design, Home Economics
M.Ed. Educational Leadership
M.Ed. (Guidance & Counselling)
Rieki Master
Spiritual Kinesologist
Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Licence
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Vast selection of Antique Lounges at Art Antiques Antlers


We have a varied range of lounges at Art Antiques Antlers.

The range extends from:

Retro 1930’s Genoa 3 piece in Light Jade Green, to 1920’s Velour Chesterfield 3 seater in Salmon Rose Pink, Victorian Grandeur double ended Chaise in Salmon Pink, 3 piece Victorian Parlour Suite in Red Velour, 2 French Provincial Style Seaters with feather filling in Blue and White jacquard fabric with gorgeous timber curved features to accentuate on the side, base and legs.

There is also a Victorian Outdoor Setting including a Red Chaise and 2 Cream Single Seats made from black timber frames complete with matching octagonal black timber side table.

We also have a gorgeous Victorian Love Seat that has been upholstered in a divine floral fabric that is in excellent condition and  a variety of cane lounge settings from various eras.

All items are in original condition and are stunning examples of their eras. They are sturdier than anything you can purchase from today’s modern design and manufacturing. We only offer the best and reject imitations.


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Antler Artist – Craig Bloxsome – Art Antique Antler Centrepiece Table

Prestigious Round Table

This classic Art Antique Antler piece is a prestigious table stunningly designed and made by Craig Bloxsome using an antique table as a starting point.  The table has been restored to it’s former glory by Craig and a beveled round piece of glass rests upon the table, which is so rare as you can’t get glaziers to do beveled glass any more.

Antler pieces have been strategically placed under the top base of the table in an artistic array, typical of Craig’s work. This is a statement piece and is representative of what Art Antiques Antlers aspires to be and is.

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Antler Artist – Craig Bloxsome

Antler Candle Abra Work of Art

Craig Bloxsome is an Antler artist and his clever designs are exclusive to Art Antiques Antlers.

He specialises in candleabras made from antlers with a classic twist of silver, gold, wrought iron, brass or other glamorous features. These stunning pieces are excellent engagement, wedding, anniversary or birthday gifts or for that someone who has everything and you don’t know what to get them.

They are great for the minimalist decorator and would suit any decor either antique or modern. They suit the cluttered cosy look and can provide a feminine or masculine vibe depending how you present them. These antler candleabras come in a variety of shapes and sizes and range from cream to darker browns and blacks and will never be out of date due to their classic and stylish design. They are durable products and are almost unbreakable.

This product suits our range and philosophy entirely as the design and overall concept is Art at its best; the classic twist of silver, gold, wrought iron, brass or other glamorous features are always from Antique sources and the Antlers are real not synthetic like many modern so-called antler products. As Craig is an ex deer farmer, over the years he has collected the most stunning and prestigious array of antler pieces to complement his artistic and comprehensive designs.

Each candle abra is individually priced and designed. Craig also makes hat stands and racks and other products such as our exemplary Art Antique Antler prestige table as seen in another post or on our website.

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1920’s French Style At It’s Best! Twin Set Single Armchairs

Set of original 1920’s French twin single armchairs in Wedgewood blue and cream jacquard floral fabric. (Think Wedgewood is English, sorry but it is similar colour).

Curved timber sides and legs with Queen Anne style legs and padded sides with cosy top and bottom feather cushions in matching fabric with piped trimming. Very sturdy, comfortable and excellent quality. There are some characteristic marks on each piece which add to its natural integrity and beauty. The timber work is impeccable and beautiful!

These chairs would make great bedroom chairs or suit lounge, sunroom or enclosed verandah. Each chair is beautifully constructed and has been made by traditional French craftsman and has years of wear and tear left for some special person to enjoy. Each chair is $1,200 each pus delivery.

Great value as contemporary replicas would be dearer and no wear as good, beautiful or as durable. This chair aptly matches other French products we have such as an original Jewels Cheret Poster, French Lamps. Prints, and more. Jewels Cheret poster featured in this post until chair image available.

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Moroccan Theme

Antique Timber Coloured Blocks

Art Antiques Antlers are specialists in Moroccan design. Presently we have a stunning authentic round Moroccan timber mirror with amber inserts and decoration. A hand painted red mirror with glass finish to give a smart and sensual look. We also have a set of Moroccan candle holders with amber and stone decorative design.

The list continues with Moroccan side or hall tables that are very sturdy yet light and decorative. They have Moroccan inspired metal design detail. To compliment this range we have Moroccan inspired coffee tables with round marble tops and brass stands of a variety of sizes including candle holders.

Our Antler range of Antler Candle Abras compliment this range with an exotic twist of wrought iron, brass, silver and gold trims to add character and ambience. Our array of lights, lamps, urns, baskets and pots improves the Moroccan mystique and adds more choices for the discerning buyer. We aim to have a variety to please all tastes.

Our Moroccan themed products also compliment our other exclusive Art Antique Antler products. We hope you enjoy!

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So.. What is Antler?

Deer antler is not horn – it is bone. In fact it is the only animal that grows bone outside its body!

Antler growth on the male deer occurs in the warm spring and summer months and the duration of growth is approximately 3 1/2 months. In the early stages of growth the antler is soft and full of blood. The outer layer has a soft coating that looks and feels like velvet material. The antler progressively calcifies and this outer layer dries and falls away, leaving a calcified antler.

As the antler fully calcifies the males testosterone level rises and peaks around the full moon, each Easter. The animal uses his antlers to mark out territory and to fight rival males during the mating season. This lasts approximately 6 weeks, then the males rest up over winter and as nature provides new growth in the spring, the old antler falls off and another begins to grow.