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Parker Furniture- An Australian Icon

Matching Parker Dining Suite

Parker furniture is an Australian Success story. Over three generations of Parker families, from the 1930’s to 1980’s designed and produced this quality Parker furniture which is still considered an Australian Icon today.

Parker furniture has always been in in fashion and has been continually adored by many for years, including contemporary young adults furnishing their first home to their parents and grandparents alike! The furniture is stylish, sleek, well designed, practical, versatile with slick Danish influences and design features. The furniture is usually make from Teak or Queensland Maple which provides a gorgeous golden timber finish. The furniture was and still is good quality.

Art Antiques Antlers have some very good quality pieces in exceptional condition. In stock, we have several wall units including drinks,  tv/stereo and corner cabinets. All the wall units have inbuilt lights to display the decorator items or plates or alcohol in the prestige drinks cabinets. There are also dining tables and matching chairs to compliment the wall units.

It is amazing how these items can still be in such terrific and original condition and still also be highly desirable. The wall units are large and usually separate into units for ease of removal and cleaning. The shelves are made from matching timber or are sometimes glass. The cabinets are either asymmetrical or a balanced symmetrical design and are always very sturdy pieces.

Enjoy our exquisite collection of Parker furniture.