Hat Stand, Hall Stand-Sold


This majestic piece is sold as is in original condition. This grand, silky oak hat stand stores umbrellas, hats, shoes, keys, plants and more. There is a marble top for the drawer compartment. Good condition considering age which would be 1800 or 1900s. Has 6 double hat hooks which are ornate. There are two spindle legs at the front of the stand with decorative curved ballends which would be perfect for extra hat hooks. The timber is carved in an ornate pattern at the top of the piece. The timber construction is very well done and the piece holds well together. It is plain yet stylish and would fit and suit any contemporary home. The mirror is beveled which you can’t get nowadays. This could be your next family heirloom. Enjoy! Sold as is and condition is consistent with age.

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Storage problems are addressed with this hat and hall stand. It is designed to store umbrellas, hats, scarves, plants, shoes, keys and much more. Organise your home now. Can be used indoors or outdoors. If outdoors needs to be reasonably protected. Made in Australia from Silky Oak. Marble top above drawer. This stand has hat hooks, umbrella or plant sections as well as a shelf and a small drawer to keep keys and items that you need to get your hands on immediately. Your home will thank you for this purchase as it will tidy up the front door mess immediately.  This stand could also be converted into a bathroom wash stand or powder room wash stand. Measurements: H 2010 mm, W 1060 mm, D 310 mm.

Marble 40.5 cm L x 31 cm D.