Pigeon Hole Cupboard


A stunning architectural prize! This highly desirable unique character piece is made from hoop pine and is in very good condition considering its age. It is a distressed piece but very solid. Paint would be easy to remove if desired a natural finish. This green would compliment most colour schemes and is a neutral colour. There are 24 pigeon hole compartments on the top half of cupboard. The lower section has a drawer and cupboard with two shelves. The pigeon holes are perfect to use as a wine rack as well as other numerous and unlimited uses. The original green paint has been left on for an authentic look as well as the original markings from original owner, most likely indicating room numbers for hotel rooms. Such pigeon hole shelves and cupboards are very rare and hard to get in such good durable condition. A waxed finish completes the product for your convenience. Perfect for her boudoir, his man cave.. Fantastic storage idea. Colonial pigeon hole and shelves. Pine timber painted in original green paint with a distressed and natural waxed finish.

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Sturdy and in original condition with a slight touch up to enhance rustic and distressed waxed finish.

Classic design and Quality piece,

Popular choice and colour- green.

Colonial antique

Storage options unlimited in p/h, drawer and cupboard. (24 p/h, one drawer, one cupboard with one shelf inside).

Use in bathroom, kitchen, dining, bedroom, laundry office, shop, wine rack.

Contact shop@artantiquesantlers.com.au for payment and delivery enquiries.

Dimensions- 390 mm D, 595 mm W, 1775 mm H