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Storage Ideas at Art Antiques Antlers

Great Storage Ideas

Throw away any contemporary solutions you have. The best storage ideas are at Art Antiques Antlers and are architectural treasures. We have a range of pigeon hole shelves and cupboards to suit all tastes, needs and requirements.

These statement pieces are rare and are hard to find especially in such great condition. Many of then have been left to rot in old garages or sheds and have been eaten. Very few have been looked after. When we do find them we usually have to pay a high price and therefore these items are unique, costly and precious sought after pieces.

We have a tall pigeon hole cupboard with 24 small pigeon holes on top half and a drawer and single cupboard door on lower half made from pine and is painted olive green with a waxed finish. This is a very sturdy unit was once used in a hotel to hold the keys, mail and messages for guests and will suit any kitchen, office, lounge room or art studio or cafe. We have left some original markings on this architectural piece to maintain its authenticity. The list is endless for the uses and applications for this great storage option.

There is also a larger unit which was once used as catalogue drawers for a library. There are more than 50 drawers in this unit. It has 3 pull out shelves to write down the library dewey code details. There is a cupboard underneath at the bottom with two doors and one shelf in the cupboard. The unit would look fantastic if the doors were removed. You would then acquire a further set of shelves instead of a cupboard. Again a sturdy statement piece made from pine and in excellent condition.

We have a further range of cupboards and furniture with great storage ideas. Antiques are full of surprises and have a range of efficient and quirky ideas. Check out our Parker Units with drinks cabinets and an Ancient Chinese carved drinks cabinet.