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Feed your soul

Welcome to Art Antiques Antlers where you can feed your soul. Enjoy scrolling down to look at our variety of products. We are now living in a new world with lots of changes and making your home more comfortable and filled with things you love is a nice way to take seclusion, for when you need to recharge your batteries. We love beautiful things. Email shop for further inquiries.

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Antique Bevelled Mirrors are A Work of Art


Antique Bevelled Mirrors add a decorative, stylish and chic touch. They are a glamorous work of art and are extremely precious nowadays. Bevelled mirrors were in the majority of antique pieces especially if there was a mirror. Bevelled mirrors were used in wardrobes, sideboards, hat stands, dressing tables, wash basin stands, mirrors and bathroom or fireplace mirrors. Some bevelled mirrors were used without a frame due to their already glamorous and classic appearance. Bevelled mirrors often didn’t have a frame and this was once considered an economical design and option. Glaziers who do bevelled mirrors and glass are ‘hard to find’. If you know of any please let us know at

This classic, timeless and stylish technique is undeniably one of the main reasons why antique mirrors and furniture looks so much more decorative and classy. Any item that had a bevelled mirror on it had an immediate improved quality and formidable style.

The majority of antique mirrors were bevelled. This means that each mirror had a slant at the edge of the mirror to catch the light.

If you look at antique furniture you will see bevelled edge mirrors on any shape or design. Some bevelled mirrors were more fancy than a slant cut on the edge.

Modern replicas try to promote their mirrors as bevelled but there is no comparison to an antique variety. I have never seen a contemporary bevelled mirror to the same standard and quality as an antique version.

The antique bevel acts as a prism and retracts light, you may even see rainbow reflection. The bevel also highlights the mirror and its frame and usually accentuates part or all of the furniture it is part of. Bevelled mirrors provide the WOW and GLAM factor to any furniture design, mirror or interior design.


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Antique Cane Hat & Hall Stands

Art Antiques Antlers has a selection of antique cane hat and hall stands.

We presently have two ancient Chinese pieces. There is a corner cane piece with four cane swirls for hat hooks with ample room to hang good quality hats that will be well supported or well hung. There is a shelf for a plant or pot with a cupboard and drawer underneath. This piece is in very good condition. This piece could be used for outdoor use but think it is more suitable for indoor use.

The second Chinese piece is not a corner unit and is more like a hall stand. It has cane hooks on either side with a decorative centre piece and a shelf with a lower shelf at the base. There is room for umbrellas to sit if wet or dripping. A classic piece of outdoor furniture. This piece has been worn from outdoor use and is very characteristic of its purpose. It could be used in or outside.

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Lamps at Art Antiques Antlers

Art Antiques Antlers has an assorted collection of original lights, lamps, lamp shades and lamp bases in a variety of shapes, colours and styles.

There is a collection of hanging lights including a pirate inspired hanging light, wrought iron light with amber shade, and hanging light with 3 amber mottled glass covers.

In addition, the collection has a variety of Victorian lamp shades as well as some contemporary shades to complete the range. To compliment this we have a selection of brass, marble, copper, crystal, glass, metal, steel and antler lamp bases.

Most of the shades are original from their genuine era and are in variable condition. Some are exceptional quality whilst others have been loved and treasured and are very worn with lots of much loved character and beauty.

Please contact us via website or or 0414782079 if you have any queries regarding our range of lamp shades and lamp stands.

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Storage Ideas at Art Antiques Antlers

Great Storage Ideas

Throw away any contemporary solutions you have. The best storage ideas are at Art Antiques Antlers and are architectural treasures. We have a range of pigeon hole shelves and cupboards to suit all tastes, needs and requirements.

These statement pieces are rare and are hard to find especially in such great condition. Many of then have been left to rot in old garages or sheds and have been eaten. Very few have been looked after. When we do find them we usually have to pay a high price and therefore these items are unique, costly and precious sought after pieces.

We have a tall pigeon hole cupboard with 24 small pigeon holes on top half and a drawer and single cupboard door on lower half made from pine and is painted olive green with a waxed finish. This is a very sturdy unit was once used in a hotel to hold the keys, mail and messages for guests and will suit any kitchen, office, lounge room or art studio or cafe. We have left some original markings on this architectural piece to maintain its authenticity. The list is endless for the uses and applications for this great storage option.

There is also a larger unit which was once used as catalogue drawers for a library. There are more than 50 drawers in this unit. It has 3 pull out shelves to write down the library dewey code details. There is a cupboard underneath at the bottom with two doors and one shelf in the cupboard. The unit would look fantastic if the doors were removed. You would then acquire a further set of shelves instead of a cupboard. Again a sturdy statement piece made from pine and in excellent condition.

We have a further range of cupboards and furniture with great storage ideas. Antiques are full of surprises and have a range of efficient and quirky ideas. Check out our Parker Units with drinks cabinets and an Ancient Chinese carved drinks cabinet.

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Oriental Chinese Silk Screen-4 Panel

This gorgeous screen was a trophy winner in Paris in 1982. The base is made of plywood and overlaid with gold silk. The fabric is hand painted with decorations of Kingfishers and Waterlillies.

Each of the 4 panels are 154 cm high and 39 cm wide. When folded the thickness of the total screen is 7.5 cm.

There is a black metal surround with brass studs and corners at the edge of each of the four screen panels.

The condition of the gold silk panels are excellent.

There were stickers at the back of the panels that read Fortune Hong Kong and Murele Europa, International Trophy, Furniture/Europe. (Paris January 1982)

This is a truly beautiful decorative piece of furniture and Art!


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Decorator Items available for Wedding and Function Hire

Antler Candle Abra Work of Art

Art Antiques Antlers has exquisite decorator items available for hire for weddings and functions. Contact for further information.

Range extends from a Texan Longhorn Mount, South African Waterbuck Head and other Deer Mounts to European Mounts and candle abras.

There is an array of room divider screens, art work and architectural pieces for stunning backdrops for formal photographs and settings.

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Wedding Hire

furniture for hire

Art Antiques Antlers hires exclusive products for weddings and other functions. These products are rare and make excellent statement pieces and backdrops for formal photographs and occasions.

Enquire to

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1920s French Twin – Armchairs

Set of original 1920s French twin single armchairs in Wedgewood blue and cream jacquard floral fabric.

Curved timber sides and legs with Queen Anne style legs and padded sides with cosy top and bottom feather cushions in matching fabric with piped trimming. Very sturdy, comfortable and reasonable quality. There are some characteristic marks on each piece which add to its natural integrity and beauty. The timber work is impeccable and beautiful! Fabric is worn and tattered in parts.

These chairs would make great bedroom chairs or suit lounge, sunroom or enclosed verandah. Each chair is beautifully constructed and has been made by traditional French craftsman and has years of wear and tear left for some special person to enjoy.

Great value as contemporary replicas would be dearer and nowhere as  beautiful or durable. This chair aptly matches other French products we have such as an original Jewels Cheret Poster.