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Wedding Expo

Wedding Expo

We had our first wedding expo on 16 July 2017 at Montville Hinterland Wedding Expo. The feature piece was our horse buggy. This is available for hire for weddings and other occasions. Contact us for further information on 0414782079 or

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Art Antiques Antlers: About Ellen, Philosophy, Design Consultation Service and Credentials

About Ellen, Philosophy, Design Consultation and Credentials 
About Ellen:
Ellen is a passionate designer who enjoys up-cycling furniture and decorator items from recycled materials.
As a child she fossicked at demolition yards with her father.  She learnt how to sew on a Singer Treadle Sewing Machine because her mother wouldn’t let her use the electric one. The treadle didn’t have zigzag stitch so she made up a zig zag stitch by moving the fabric at the needle point every turn. At primary school Ellen won the Hans Christen Anderson Fairy Tale, Art Competition for a painting of ‘The Little Match Girl’.
When she left school, she deferred Fashion Design and became an Art Teacher. She taught mostly Home Economics due to the pattern styling component. Ellen remarks, “I love pattern styling but it is becoming a lost art nowadays.” Throughout her teaching career, Ellen has been Head of Department, Guidance Officer, Deputy Principal, Principal, Head of Special Education, University Lecturer and Tutor.
Ellen embarked on her dream, Art Antiques Antlers, when her children left the nest. She goes on to say, “When the grandchildren arrive, they will be brought up living with antiques just like their parents. Antiques are very hardy and can sustain the love and exploration of young families.”
Ellen also adds, “I hope to teach my clients how to love and embark on their own person style and enjoy the things they love in their home. I believe that following trends and fashion is not always reflective of individual tastes. Art Antiques Antlers products are rare and hard to find and are to be treasured by clients who love them.”
Design Consultation Service:
Art Antiques Antlers offers a design consultation service and will assist clients to ‘make antiques fit’ in a modern home and to compliment what they already have. Our goal is to assist people who are wanting to live a sustainable life to be more appreciative of antiques.
These gorgeous products are available for wedding hire.
This post was written by the team.
Dip. Teach. Art & Design, Home Economics
B.Ed. Art & Design, Home Economics
M.Ed. Educational Leadership
M.Ed. (Guidance & Counselling)
Rieki Master
Spiritual Kinesologist
Second-Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Licence
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French, French, French

We specialise in French Antiques!!! Our latest addition is this gorgeous French Art Nouvou Dresser from 1890 era. It is perfect for her parlour or maybe his man cave, only if he is good. It is in perfect condition and has lots of space for all of her precious items.  Photo coming soon. It is on our Instagram page, meanwhile. This piece is beautifully french polished.

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Wedding Hire- We hire our products for weddings and functions |Buggy

Our products are precious, rare and hard to find. They therefore make great backdrops for marriage proposals, wedding photos, ceremonies and receptions.

Hire prices vary for each product. Hire costs range from $150 to $750 per item for the event which usually allows a 2-3 day turnaround.

Customer is to organise pick up and return of the item/s. We are unable to assist with delivery.

Our latest addition is a horse buggy, which is available for hire $650 for 2 days. This will be the perfect backdrop for nostalgic photos.

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Antique Bevelled Mirrors are A Work of Art


Antique Bevelled Mirrors add a decorative, stylish and chic touch. They are a glamorous work of art and are extremely precious nowadays. Bevelled mirrors were in the majority of antique pieces especially if there was a mirror. Bevelled mirrors were used in wardrobes, sideboards, hat stands, dressing tables, wash basin stands, mirrors and bathroom or fireplace mirrors. Some bevelled mirrors were used without a frame due to their already glamorous and classic appearance. Bevelled mirrors often didn’t have a frame and this was once considered an economical design and option. Glaziers who do bevelled mirrors and glass are ‘hard to find’. If you know of any please let us know at

This classic, timeless and stylish technique is undeniably one of the main reasons why antique mirrors and furniture looks so much more decorative and classy. Any item that had a bevelled mirror on it had an immediate improved quality and formidable style.

The majority of antique mirrors were bevelled. This means that each mirror had a slant at the edge of the mirror to catch the light.

If you look at antique furniture you will see bevelled edge mirrors on any shape or design. Some bevelled mirrors were more fancy than a slant cut on the edge.

Modern replicas try to promote their mirrors as bevelled but there is no comparison to an antique variety. I have never seen a contemporary bevelled mirror to the same standard and quality as an antique version.

The antique bevel acts as a prism and retracts light, you may even see rainbow reflection. The bevel also highlights the mirror and its frame and usually accentuates part or all of the furniture it is part of. Bevelled mirrors provide the WOW and GLAM factor to any furniture design, mirror or interior design.


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Antique Cane Hat & Hall Stands

Art Antiques Antlers has a selection of antique cane hat and hall stands.

We presently have two ancient Chinese pieces. There is a corner cane piece with four cane swirls for hat hooks with ample room to hang good quality hats that will be well supported or well hung. There is a shelf for a plant or pot with a cupboard and drawer underneath. This piece is in very good condition. This piece could be used for outdoor use but think it is more suitable for indoor use.

The second Chinese piece is not a corner unit and is more like a hall stand. It has cane hooks on either side with a decorative centre piece and a shelf with a lower shelf at the base. There is room for umbrellas to sit if wet or dripping. A classic piece of outdoor furniture. This piece has been worn from outdoor use and is very characteristic of its purpose. It could be used in or outside.

Photo coming soon.


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Antique Sideboards at Art Antiques Antlers

At Art Antiques Antlers we have a range of authentic sideboards made from Queensland Maple, Silky Oak, Walnut Bur and Mahogany.

They are all sensational statement pieces and are well constructed and in good condition.

The Queensland Maple piece has a circular beveled mirror with timber decorative carvings and a side cupboard with drawers on the other side.

The Silky Oak Sideboard has an oval beveled mirror with cupboard door on left hand side and drawers on the right hand side. All components are authentic.

The mahogany piece is stunning and lustrous and would suit a modern or older style home. This elaborate piece is from Victorian Era and has hidden filing cabinet inside cupboard which could be used as wine rack. It has a small cupboard on either side of a large mahogany top piece with a stylish backboard that is optional to use depending on your desired outcome.

There is also a local Antique Milk Bar that is presently used as Art Antiques Antlers shop counter that has glass inserts to enable displays to be viewed. Light fittings are included to highlight displays. Previous to this, the counter was used at a local jewellery shop.

We also have a sensational Walnut Bur Side Board with a quality Marble Top. The timber carving and engraving on this piece is exquisite. There is a large beveled mirror with side shelves and lots of decoration. There are four cupboards below with ample storage space.