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Original Lights, Lamps, Lamp Shades and Lamp Stands at Art Antiques Antlers

Art Antiques Antlers has an assorted collection of original lights, lamps, lamp shades and lamp bases in a variety of shapes, colours and styles. which have been co ordinated into sensational lamps and or lights.

There is a collection of hanging lights including a pirate inspired hanging light, wrought iron light with amber shade, and hanging light with 3 amber mottled glass covers.

In addition, the collection has a variety of Victorian lamp shades as well as some contemporary shades to complete the range. To compliment this we have a selection of brass, marble, copper, crystal, glass, metal, steel and antler lamp bases.

Most of the shades are original from their genuine era and are in variable condition. Some are exceptional quality whilst others have been loved and treasured and are very worn with lots of much loved character and beauty.

We also have a range of of recycled antique products that have created the most stunning and gorgeous lamps with an antique twist combining the old and new.

From this collection there is an old antique gold stand with a Victorian lamp shade that has been made into a lamp. Following is a pink barber’s stool base that has been made into a stunning lamp also with a contemporary shade.

Also in stock is a set of two Ancient Chinese Lamps that are very sought after and valuable. They both have twin set of light bulbs and are very grand and would compliment any decor.

We also have our sensational Retro Cream Lamp that has 3 white light bulbs and intricate leaves to compliment the balance of the design. This is a stunning statement piece.

There is also a range of  Victorian marble or glass or crystal bases that have complimentary shades to create beautiful lamp shades of good quality.

Finally there is also an old anchor that has been painted blue and red and has been made into a lamp with a retro lamp shade.

Please contact us via website or or 0414782079 if you have any queries regarding our range of lamp shades and lamp stands.